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Gig + U at UOB

Exciting career opportunities with flexible work arrangements awaits

Gig+U at UOB

The gig employment model for retirees was the first of its kind introduced by UOB in 2021. Originally designed for retiring UOB employees to enable them continue to working at their own pace, UOB has since expanded the Gig+U initiative for women seeking for more flexible and nimble employment options.


The roles offered below are ideal for talents keen to restart their careers, transit career paths or change their work arrangements.


Candidates selected for the roles within this programme will be provided with the following:

  • Onboarding orientation training

  • Re-integration support & coaching via the Get-on-Track Programme

  • Buddy support



JOB# UG-01

Manager / Senior Officer

Biz Engagement team -

Inbound, Business Banking


(Part-time/ Flexible / Contract)

JOB# UG-02

Manager/ Senior Officer,

Biz Engagement team - Outbound, Business Banking


(Part-time/ Flexible / Contract)

JOB# UG-03

Service Executive,

Group Channels & Digitalisation


(Part-time/ Flexible / Contract)

JOB# UG-04

Service Associate,

Money Changing Counter


(Part-time/ Flexible / Contract)

JOB# UG-05

Senior Officer,

General Insurance Specialist, Personal Financial Services


(Full-time / Part-time / Flexible)

JOB# UG-06


Laundering (AML) &

Know-Your-Client (KYC)


(Part-time/ Flexible / Contract)

JOB# UG-07

Manager, Cloud Engineer, Group Infrastructure & Platform Services


(Full-time / Part-time / Flexible)

JOB# UG-08

Project Management Office (PMO)




JOB# UG-09

Senior Officer,

Customer Service -

Contact Center


(Gig / Part-time / Flexible)

JOB# UG-10

HR Performance Management


(Part-time / Flexible)

JOB# UG-11

Talent Acquisition Administration


(Part-time / Flexible)

JOB# UG-12

HR Analytics


(Part-time / Flexible)

JOB# UG-13

Employee Servicing Partnering -

HR Operations


(Part-time / Flexible)

This 1st run of this campaign is currently complete. We will not be taking in any more applications.

Thank you for your interest.

For other back-to-work opportunities with other firms, please visit:


About Mums@Work Singapore &

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MUMS@WORK (Singapore) was set up to help mothers marry their professional experience with the shift in priorities upon the inclusion of new family members. Our main mission is to be a point of information source for mothers who want to work flexi-time or run their own Mumpreneur business so as to have sufficient time for family as well.

CAREER NAVIGATORS serve as a compass point for the woman who wants to explore new (or restart previous) career paths. Through self-discovery, training and actual hands-on experiential projects, we assist her in getting back on board, and embarking on a new career journey. CAREER NAVIGATORS celebrates gender diversity and encourages companies to support the journey of these women. Acting as a partner, we strive to deliver numerous educational, tactical and strategic projects, enabling employers and job seekers to find the perfect win-win situation.

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About Mums@Work Singapore &

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