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May Liu


"I am really grateful for this opportunity to ease back to work after taking an extended career break. My manager, buddy, everyone I have encountered in TD and the career coach assigned to me, have been most supportive in my re-integration. There are open communications to ensure that I get the right amount of support and flexibility to help me readjust and strike a balance between work and family. I cannot ask for a better employer to restart my career with."

Saidah Sahad


"I could not have asked for a better organization to return to work! TD Securities, together with Career Navigators and Mums@Work provided a red-carpet experience I did not expect. The support began even before I started and continued after joining. There were regular check-ins with my coach to ensure I settled in well. My line manager and team members were very encouraging and the other colleagues have been the friendliest people I have ever met. What impressed me the most were the opportunities for learning and exploring outside of my areas of expertise. Thanks to this programme, my confidence has been boosted!"

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Tan Bee King.jpg

Tan Bee King


"As someone who has taken time off from working life, it is an uphill climb to re-join the workforce. The Career Re-Ignite programme not only gave me the tools, they gave me confidence! TD is very supportive and their inclusive culture made me feel safe and welcomed. Mums@Work's support system has made every step of my reintegration journey a breeze. I have enjoyed every bit of it, and I am deeply grateful and honored to be part of this program. Thank you, TD, and thank you Mums@Work!"

Eliza Chan


"The program was extremely helpful in letting moms who want to return to the workforce get a foothold back, there was a lot of support along the way with regular check-ins from the bosses and Jump Start program managers and the culture at TD and colleagues have been great. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience than through the Returnship program."

Eliza Chan.jpg


"The partnership with Mums@Work Career Navigators has been a key success factor in our return-to-work program. We have learned over the years, high caliber talent on its own is simply not enough.  The coaching and re-integration workshops for returners and managers has really made the difference by creating a transparent working rhythm, instilling confidence in participants and ensuring the right cultural fit overall – something we highly value at TD."



"The Mums@Work program is an excellent avenue for hiring experienced and talented professionals.  The time needed to assimilate into our working culture is reduced dramatically as a result of prior work experience which, in turn, is an asset to the manager and team."

"Christine joined TD in September and has been an invaluable asset since day one.  She has demonstrated a drive to re-integrate into the workforce and desire to contribute to the team's success.  Her inquisitive nature into our processes coupled with past industry experience has led to useful process improvements.  The support from Mums@Work, acting as an intermediary for the first 3 months, has helped ensure Christine and I are on the same page in terms of expectations and objectives."

"Our colleague who joined us through the Career Re-Ignite program has been a fantastic addition to the team! Having previously worked in another industry prior to her career break, she has brought a different skill-set and perspective to the team which has been invaluable. In addition, her enthusiasm and willingness to learn has injected new energy to the team and has had a significant positive impact on our ability to deliver for our client groups."

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